Welcome to general chemistry! The goal of the course is to lay a foundation of chemical principles and quantitative skills required for you to proceed into many subdisciplines of chemistry, such as organic, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry, and biology.

This course will follow an "atoms first" approach and so the first half of the course will be qualitative and theoretical in theme. We will start with the basic structure of the atom and the organization of the periodic table and build up through molecular structure and bonding. The second half of the course will build your quantitative skills, while introducing topics such as stoichiometry (how much of compound A reacts with compound B), gas laws, and thermochemistry (heat generated during reactions). The primary learning goals, in addition to gaining a mastery of chemical content, are be to build your reading comprehension and problem solving skills.

An overarching theme for the whole course will be the relationship between things we observe on the macroscopic level (things we can see, and touch, and feel) and the reactions and interactions of molecules and atoms on the submicroscopic level.

The class will be driven by small group discussion. Thus, preparation and class participation will be an important component of the course! Assigned reading from the text and supplementary material will be given in advance to allow ample preparation time.